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Our Curriculum at Chapel Allerton Primary School

To meet the requirements of the new National Curriculum, classes from Year 1 – 6 follow a number of themes with a focus on history, geography, science, RE or design technology (DT) which is shared with parents each term by class teachers. There is a key emphasis on teaching the skills of literacy and numeracy but also a commitment to ensuring that children have access to a rich curriculum.
This approach to the curriculum means that, where appropriate, we make as many cross curricular links as possible and the topics we choose take into account:
  • The requirements of the National Curriculum.
  • The interests and needs of our children and school community.
  • The opportunity to embed literacy and numeracy skills in real-life activities.  
The National Curriculum sets out the minimum content. However, at Chapel Allerton Primary School, we work hard to ensure that our children have the opportunity to learn lots of additional skills and to develop their knowledge and understanding fully. For example:
  • We offer a range of after-school clubs: sports, drama, music and dance.
  • We have a specialist teacher from Artforms who teaches music across the school.
  • Specialist teachers also provide a variety of instrument lessons including violin, clarinet, trumpet, guitar.
  • Specialist sports coaches lead all games and PE lessons from F1 to Y6.
  • Current local / national or international events regularly provide a basis for learning. For example, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the World Cup and the Tour de France.
  • We also have close links with students and coaches from Leeds Beckett University who come in and work with our children on a regular basis offering additional activities, for example lacrosse.
Although the National Curriculum is in place and we are required to follow the programmes of study, we can interpret it in such a way that it meets the needs and interests of our children.

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’