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Sarah Perrigo

I have been a governor of the school for several years. I live in Chapel Allerton and both my daughter and granddaughter went to the school. At present I am the vice chair of governors and I chair the leadership and management committee. So I have a long history of involvement in the school. 
I have spent most of my working life in education; I was a university lecturer for 30 years, now retired and also, I was a Leeds City councillor and for some time was the chair of the education committee of Leeds City council. I am committed to the values of the school and its long tern success. 

Serving Term:

01/05/2019 - 30/04/2023


Committees and Areas of Responsibility:

Leadership & Management Chair

Teachers Pay




SDP: Curriculum


Code of Conduct form complete:

Business Interest declaration completed:

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’