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Citizenship at Chapel Allerton Primary School 


What is citizenship? 


Citizens often do things to take part and make positive changes in their local community, such as volunteering or raising awareness of an important issue. We can all be active and responsible citizens by working together with others or being someone who listens and cares. 

We all have qualities and skills that can help us be active and responsible citizens. This could be our ability to listen to others and be respectful to those around us. With skills such as these, anyone can make a difference in their community 

Although Citizenship is a subject in itself, the knowledge, skills and understanding relating to Citizenship are developed through many other areas of the curriculum at Chapel Allerton Primary, particularly in PSHE and Mindmate lessons.  


Is Citizenship part of the National Curriculum? 

Although the teaching of Citizenship is not statutory until key stage 3, the DFE have provided some non-statutory guidance for schools teaching key stages 1 and 2. This guidance outlines some of the knowledge, skills and understanding that can be developed through citizenship. To explore the DfE guidance on Citizenship, click here.  


Is Citizenship taught at Chapel Allerton Primary School? 

As part of planning our whole curriculum at CAPS, we have considered how important it is to develop young people as citizens. For this reason, we draw connections across our curriculum to identify how we provide our pupils with opportunities to develop as citizens. To see how Citizenship is weaved into many areas of our school curriculum at CAPS, explore the Citizenship at CAPS map found at the end of this page.  


Why is citizenship important at Chapel Allerton Primary School? 

We want our pupils to develop into confident citizens who are able to function and contribute within society. We want our pupils to work well alongside all others, enjoying the benefits of participation within local, national and global communities. To achieve this, we ensure that Citizenship contributes to our pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  


KS1 Citizenship at CAPS

KS2 Citizenship at CAPS

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