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Chapel Allerton Primary has been awarded MindMate Friendly Status and PSHE Friendly Status! To see our glowing report click Key Information, Curriculum and either MindMate or PSHE.

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Reading at Chapel Allerton Primary School

Thanks to the generosity of our PSA and local businesses, our school library has been replenished beyond recognition. We are very proud that our books now reflect the diversity of our school and are already inspiring children to read more than ever!

World Book Day 2023

Foundation One have been reading the story 'Owl Babies'. We have had fun role-playing the story, and have been great at joining in with what the characters say. We have made the Mummy and Baby Owls a nest in the outdoor natural area, we have each made a chocolate nest to take home, and have all made some owls to put in our Art Gallery. We've also learnt lots of facts about owls, have enjoyed looking at clips of real owls in nests, and have listened to the different types of sounds that owls make.

Breaktime outdoor reading

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