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Chapel Allerton Primary has been awarded MindMate Friendly Status and PSHE Friendly Status! To see our glowing report click Key Information, Curriculum and either MindMate or PSHE.

Wider Safety





At Chapel Allerton Primary School we believe in educating our pupils on how to stay safe in school, online and when they are out in our local community. 

In addition to our PSHE curriculum we plan events into our school year to support the wider safety of our pupils. 


Safer Internet Week-Keeping Safe Online 

We take part in this week every year and follow the theme. We cover issues such as keeping your personal details safe, blocking and reporting and what to do if you feel scared or worried about something you’ve seen online. We also run workshops for parents. 


Online Safety 

In addition to our Computing curriculum, we also deliver an Online Safety Assembly every ½ term. This is accompanied by a parent workshop on different aspects of keeping children safe online at home and raising awareness of current issues or dangers parents need to be aware of.  

We also send out an Online Safety Newsletter to parents/carers twice a year.  


Anti Bullying Week 

We take part in Anti Bullying Week every year to raise awareness of bullying and to highlight ways of preventing and responding to it. 



Pupils learn about road safety both as a pedestrian or as a cyclist through the Bikeability scheme. Alongside this, children learn about road safety both as a pedestrian and as a cyclist, through our Bikeability lessons.  


NSPCC Speak Out, Stay Safe  

We hold an assembly every year to help children understand abuse in all its forms and how to recognise the signs of abuse.  But more importantly, that abuse is never a child’s fault and that children have the right to be safe.  These assemblies also remind children of where to go for help. This includes workshop follow up sessions.  


West Yorkshire Police  

We work with West Yorkshire Police who deliver workshops to our older pupils (Y5&Y6) 

We have a flexible approach to the workshops that we book because we respond to local issues. 

This year we have chosen:  

  • Year 5/6:  Criminal responsibility 
  • Year 5/6: assembly  Hate crime 
  • Year 6:  High school Transition- this will cover weapons, peer grooming. 


In addition to this we work with Bigfoot Arts Education who deliver a Year 5/6 Assembly followed by a Y6 Workshop on knife crime 


West Yorkshire Police working with our parents/carers 

West Yorkshire Police also work with our parents. For example, a workshop on Cyber Bullying is held to discuss some of the well-known apps children are using like Tic Tok, Snap Chat etc. They discuss the dangers and what parents can do. It is also an open space for parents to ask questions and we can discuss what comes up. 

West Yorkshire Police Safer Schools Officer 

We have a visit every 2 weeks from PC Meek who is our Safer Schools Officer. We use this time to build positive relationships between our pupils and the Police, to understand, as staff, what our local issues may be and how we can further support pupils at Chapel Allerton Primary. He also will work with pupils on individual basis based on identified vulnerabilities. 


FGM Y6 (Female Genital Mutilation)  

Our pupils learn about talking to trusted adults, Laws and Rules, 

What FGM stands for, signs and indicators, FGM and the law. 


Special Assemblies 

We timetable a range of assemblies across the year that support our pupils to understand how to keep safe and how to protect the rights of others to be safe.  

Consent, Neurodiversity, The Protected Characteristics, discrimination, LGBT+, Anti Bullying Week, Sun Awareness, NSPCC Talk Pants.  In addition to this we will respond to and debate issues in the news using Picture News. 


Happy Minds Club 

We run a weekly lunchtime club for pupils that supports Mental Health.  


Pastoral Team 

We have a strong pastoral team at Chapel Allerton Primary who work closely with NHS MindMate and our Emotional Wellbeing Support Worker to support pupils and families as and when concerns about wellbeing are raised. We have a responsive approach that runs alongside our planned approach to keeping pupils safe.  


Pupil Voice 

Talk Boxes 

Pupil voice is very important to us. We have ‘Talk Boxes’ in every classroom where pupils can write down any concerns or worries that they have if they feel unable to talk to an adult in person. This is checked on a regular basis and responded to.  

School Council 

Our School Councillors are very active and promote pupils sharing any safety concerns that they have during class meetings, this then gets discussed during School Council meetings with the Deputy Head Teacher. 


Pupil Wellbeing  

Our Emotional Wellbeing Support Worker provides a safe space individual pupils or groups of pupils to support them to talk about any concerns or worries,to find strategies to help them cope with this and to empower them to navigate issues independently in the future. For example, dealing with strong emotions like anger or friendship issues. 


Parent Wellbeing 

Our Emotional Wellbeing Support Worker organises a parent wellbeing afternoon every year.  We also support parents/carers through MindMate workshops (see below)


NHS MindMate Support 

The MindMate support team work with school to deliver assemblies to pupils, they work with individual pupils or small groups and deliver parent workshops every term on a range of subjects for example: resilience, sleep issues, supporting pupils worries and supporting children's worries around transition to high school. We also hold a parent workshop for Mental Health Awareness Week. We have a strong partnership with NHS MindMate which means that we can respond to and support pupils and parents with issues as and when they arise.


Keeping Healthy 

Our pupils will participate in our annual, ‘Walk to school week’, where the focus is on reducing pollution and vehicle congestion around the school site, in conjunction with promoting more sustainable / healthier forms of travel. 



We teach our pupils how to keep their money safe and how to spot fraud using Natwest Money Sense lessons

Our pupils learn how to protect their money by exploring different types of fraud and scams, and how avoid them


‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’