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Conflict of Interests

Register of Governors' Business and Personal Interests


The Governing Board of each school is required by regulations made under the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 to establish a register which lists, for each member of the Governing Board and the Headteacher, any business or personal interests they have which could conflict with the school’s interests.  Details declared must be available on the school website, updated when a change occurs and reviewed annually. As a general principle, governors should err on the side of caution and declare interests that they think could be relevant.  A good rule of thumb is to ask “Is this something that might make a reasonable person question the fairness or impartiality of someone in my role?”


Bobbie Gresser:

Parent of a child in school


Sam Todd:

A member of staff at the school paid by Leeds City Council


Tom Leech:

Wife works at the school and is paid by Leeds City Council


Gemma Dolden:

Parent of a child in school


Eric Roussounis:

Parent of a child in school


Nahima Hussain:

Parent of a child in school


Amy Sanderson:

Parent of a child in school

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