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Subject Lead - Mr Pugh

The Charanga Musical School Scheme provides teachers with week-by-week lesson support for each year group in the school. It provides lesson plans, assessment, clear progression, and engaging and exciting whiteboard resources to support every lesson. The Scheme supports all the requirements of the national curriculum. This is one of the ways we have enabled music to become a successful, integrated part of the curriculum at Chapel Allerton Primary school.  


The scheme offers an integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led approach to musical learning where key vocabulary, concepts as well as skills and knowledge and continuously revisited and build upon.  


How the scheme is structured 

Each Unit of Work focuses on the strands of musical learning which correspond with the national curriculum for music: 

  1. Listening and Appraising 

  1. Musical Activities 

  1. Warm-up Games 

  1. Optional Flexible Games 

  1. Singing 

  1. Playing instruments 

  1. Improvisation 

  1. Composition 

  1. Performing 


Mastery in your Music Lessons 

Charanga Musical School Units of Work enable children to understand musical concepts through a repetition-based approach to learning. Learning about the same musical concept through different musical activities enables a more secure, deeper learning and mastery of musical skills.  


Whole class instrument tuition  

ArtForms provide specialist music teachers who deliver weekly high-quality sessions throughout the year. Focussing on rhythm and singing in Y1 and Y2, and ukulele in Y3 through to Y6, each class has this experience for a full term.  

Please see progression of skills documents for further details. 

Singing Assemblies  

Another key component to music at Chapel Allerton Primary School is our weekly singing assemblies. This is an opportunity to develop singing techniques, strengthen our sense of community and boost our collective well-being through a shared experience of music. We also use this time to have brief discussions about artists, genres, instruments we recognise and what a song might be about.  

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’