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Meet the Governors

Welcome to our Governors’ section

The Governing Body of Chapel Allerton Primary School works closely with the leadership team to set the vision for our school and to provide appropriate support and challenge to ensure the school continually improves. 


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


If you are interested in becoming a Governor, please contact Claire Easton -

The Governing Body

Title First Name Surname Type of Gov L&M PDBW QTLA Code of Conduct Business Interests
Mrs Mary Dailey Community   ü ü ü ü
Mr Graeme Dawson Associate   ü   ü ü
Dr Gemma Dolden Community     ü ü ü
Mrs Bobbie Gresser Parent   Chair ü ü ü
Ms Lizzie Holden Associate       ü ü
Mr Thomas Leech Community   ü Chair ü ü
Ms Jo Livingstone Associate       ü ü
Ms Naomi McClean Associate       ü ü
Ms Katie Pearson Community ü ü   ü ü
Mrs Sarah Perrigo Community Chair ü   ü ü
Cllr Mohammed Rafique Local Authority ü     ü ü
Mr Eric Roussounis Parent       ü ü
Mr Nicholas Sykes Headteacher ü     ü ü
Mrs Sam Todd Staff Rep   ü ü ü ü


Structure and Remit of the Governing Body


What do Governors do?

The role of a School Governor is to contribute to the work of the Governing Body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children in the school by:

• setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction

• holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

• overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.


What are Governors responsible for?

• developing the strategic plan for the school

• determining aims, policies and priorities of the school

• setting statutory and non statutory targets

• monitoring and evaluating the work of the school

• appointment of staff and ensuring the implementation of a range of personnel procedures

• management of the budget

• ensuring high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour

• ensuring that all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum; which is suitable for age, aptitude and ability, and prepares them for adult life

• ensuring the wellbeing, health and safety of pupils and staff.


Structure and Remit of the Sub Committees

  • Leadership and Management Sub Committee

Responsible for staffing including the appointment and role of the SENCO, equality and diversity, finance, property management, health and safety and nutritional standards.

  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sub Committee

Responsible for teaching and learning matters including target setting, standards and achievement, special education needs and disability (SEND), including reporting annually on the success of the SEND policy, monitoring teaching and learning and curriculum provision and ensuring that the governing body is represented at school improvement discussions.

  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Sub Committee

Responsible for behaviour, safeguarding, attendance, children’s spiritual moral social and cultural development, children, parent and staff voice, extra-curricular activities, cluster and other partnerships.


Governors Code of Conduct

A Governor should:

• support the aims and objectives of the school in the wider community;

• work co-operatively with other Governors in the best interests of the school;

• attend the meetings of the Governing Body and its committees;

• promote the interests of the school in the wider community;

• have an equal right to participate and to state their views whilst respecting the views of others;

• be loyal to the decisions made by the Governing Body;

• respect the confidentiality of those items of business that have been designated as confidential and do not disclose what individuals have said or how they have voted;

• withdraw from meetings where they have any direct personal interest in the business being discussed;

• have regard to the broader responsibilities as a Governor of a public institution in regard to promoting public accountability for the actions and performance of the governing Body;

• acknowledge that you are part of a corporate entity and you have no right to take actions or express views, as being that of the Governing Body, unless authorised to do so;

• participate in training.

Governor Pen Portraits


First Name Surname Pen Portrait
Mary Dailey I became a Governor in October 2017 and have been a member of the Pupil Development, Behaviour and Welfare Sub- Committee and am currently serving on the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sub -Committee.
I am retired, but spent my working life in education, as a teacher of Adults with Learning Difficulties, a college lecturer and finally as a manager of Counselling Services in Further and Higher Education institutions.
I have always been interested in the education of young children and trained initially as Primary and Special Needs Teacher.
  I currently come into school as a volunteer, listening to children read on a weekly basis. 
I have a vested interest in CAPS as my grandson is making his way, very happily, through the school.
Graeme Dawson  Coming soon!
Gemma  Dolden I am mum to two young children who are not yet school aged and I am a Paediatrician. I am level 3 safeguarding trained and regularly encounter safeguarding in my role as a paediatrician and work within the multidisciplinary team when dealing with this.  I work with children from all walks of life, including those who are looked after, and who have a range of abilities and medical needs. Another part of my role as a doctor is clinical governance and I am used to evaluating procedures and processes and implementing change at work.

I have been a governor since October 2017 and have spent a lot of this time learning about the role! From 2019 I have taken on the specific role of governor with responsibility for safeguarding and children looked after. I have enjoyed learning about this role within education. I have attended the majority of governing body meetings and have a good grasp of the school data, their ethos and vision.
Bobbie Gresser I have been a Parent Governor since March 2017 and took over as the chair of the PDBW in September 2018 and became responsible for the SEND at the same time. I was interviewed, with other Governors, by the Ofsted inspector December 2018.
My son joined CAPS in F2 in September 2015 and I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to the school that he is thriving and very happy in. I am a Senior Manager, running Temple Newsam House for Leeds City Council with responsibility for all aspects of staff, budget and building management. I am a qualified primary school teacher and have a very busy curriculum based learning programme for schools at Temple Newsam. I believe in the importance of the Arts and Culture for all.
Lizzie Holden I am a happy mum of two, with a son at Chapel Allerton Primary School & a daughter about to start.

Career wide I have a long career in education and support work. I have worked in disability support in Higher Education as a support worker to students and to staff, been a mentor to teenagers and a coach and manager for staff in secondary and higher education.

I was also a teacher for 12 years as well second in department to a large Humanities department. This gave me good knowledge of the education system and the realities faced within it. During my time as a teacher I also was a lead learner, supporting others in their teaching and learning as well as delivering sessions to make there was creativity in the classroom.

I now work back in Higher Education, but still with teenagers, overseeing the Leeds section of a project aimed at making sure there is fair access to Higher Education for young people in targeted areas of West Yorkshire. This is a fab job which requires me to work with lots of different people and groups in Leeds; from education, to community organisations to council as well as oversee a team, a budget and lots of great projects in the area.
Thomas Leech I became a governor in 2015 and have children in Year 4 and Year 1 at the school.  Looking back on my education I know I benefited from excellent state schools and fantastic teachers and hope I can help give something back, however small.  Throughout my professional life I've been passionate about education - I'm interested in a wide range of educational areas and I am used to work requiring strategy, accountability and the ability to both support and challenge the work of others. I hope I can use these skills to assist the governing body to help the school achieve its vision and strategic priorities. My work as a musician, running one of the largest choral programmes in the country (encompassing work as diverse as managing a substantial choral educational programme to broadcasting regularly on national radio and television), has education at its heart. As a governor I'm particularly interested in learning and the arts, and I chair the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment committee. 
Jo  Livingstone I am a new School Governor, having been appointed in 2018.  I live locally and have a young son.  I am looking forward to using my experience to support Chapel Allerton Primary on the path that lies ahead so that it may continue to serve the local community and ensure that every child will acheive their full potential.  
Naomi McClean

My name is Naomi and I have been an associate member of the board of governors since October 2018. I am originally from Leeds and love living in this part of the country. One of the reasons I chose to become involved with the school was because I wanted to give something back to the community. When I visited the school I was impressed by how committed the staff are to getting the best from all children regardless of their background. I am keen to use my role as an associate member of the board of governors to help support the school. I enjoy eating out, relaxing with friends and currently determined to do more exercise.

Katie Pearson Hello, my name is Katie Pearson and I have been a Governor since September 2015.   Originally hailing from Edinburgh, I have lived in Leeds since 2004, moving to Chapel Allerton in 2008. 

I chose to become a school governor as I passionately believe in education enabling all children to realise their potential, and to facilitate them to develop into rounded adults and good citizens.  And of course it provides me with an opportunity to contribute something to my local community by volunteering.  In the past I have also been a respite carer for children who are looked after by Leeds City Council, and I am therefore passionate that looked after children should achieve all that they can during their time at CAPS.  
Sarah Perrigo I have a long term interest in and knowledge of Chapel Allerton Primary as both my daughter and my granddaughter attended the school.
My professional life has been in education .I was a university academic until my retirement 6 years ago. .I was also a Leeds city councillor for 8 years in the 1990s and served on the Education Committee and for a year was Chair of the Education Committee so I am knowledgeable about education policies and debates. I bring a range of transferable skills to the governing body in relation to finance, curriculum, equalities and safeguarding issues
Mohammed Rafique I have several years experience as a Governor, being a parent and working in a school setting when I worked at Education Leeds.  I have experience of recruitment and selection, senior leadership and management and equalities.  Being a Councillor I have Chaired many different types of public meetings including community forums and planning panels.  In my previous employment as a School Mentoring Manager I was involved in working with senior managers and recruiting and training mentors.  
Eric Roussounis I am a Parent Governor with two children here at Chapel Allerton Primary School.
I hope to contribute my skills from a long background in business technology and support initiatives which further enhance the well-being and performance of this school. I am currently working enhance collaboration among governors.
Nicholas Sykes As Headteacher of the school I believe I possess the skills and experience required to enable the Governing Body to efficiently and positively lead our school.  
Sam Todd I have been a teacher at Chapel Allerton Primary since 2010.  I currently teach in KS1 but have worked across most of school.  I love teaching at Chapel Allerton Primary because of the friendly team and fabulous children!  I have a daughter at high school and enjoy travelling.  

Governor Meeting Attendance 2017-18

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’