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Welcome to our Governors’ section

Hello and welcome to the Governor’s page.


My name is Bobbie Gresser and I am the Chair of Governors as well as a parent governor. As the Governing Body of Chapel Allerton Primary School we are a small group of volunteers who work closely with the leadership team to set the vision for our school and to provide appropriate support and challenge to ensure the school continually improves. We meet regularly as a whole Board and in small sub committees as well as make visits to school to hear directly from the children.


Please find below the details of how our Governing body is structured, including our names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor. If you would like to get in touch with us or are interested in becoming a Governor then please contact David Harris –

NameCategoryDatesCommittee & areas of responsibilityBiographyCode of ConductBusiness Interests

Bobbie Gresser

Parent Representatives



Chair of Governors, all committees and SEND

I live in Chapel Allerton and my son joined CAPS in F2 in September 2015 and I am delighted to be able to make a contribution to the school that he has thoroughly enjoyed and thrived in. 

I started Chairing the Governing Board in September 2020 having been a Parent Governor since March 2017. I currently sit on all of the Committees and take responsibility for the SEND provision in the school. I have attended a lot of training, been part of the governing panel that met Ofsted at the last inspection & supported the Managing Staff Reductions process. I have seen many changes in my short time as a Governor and I relish the opportunity that we have to help the school be the best that it can be for the wide diversity of children that we have in the school community. We have a brilliant leadership and staff team who we, as Governors support and challenge. The last twelve months has been unique given the restrictions of the pandemic but exciting too as we have worked with stakeholders to shape the school development plan for the next four years. 

I trained as a Primary School teacher and in my early career combined working as a professional  actor with supply teaching. I now work full time for the Arts Council England and have worked in the Arts & Heritage sector for 25 years.  I am a keen advocate for the arts and creativity in education.  


Mary Dailey

Co-opted Representatives





Training, Equalities



SDP: Outdoor Learning

I became a Governor in October 2017 and have been a member of the Pupil Development, Behaviour and Welfare Sub- Committee and am currently serving on the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sub -Committee. 
I am retired, but spent my working life in education, as a teacher of Adults with Learning Difficulties, a college lecturer and finally as a manager of Counselling Services in Further and Higher Education institutions. 
I have always been interested in the education of young children and trained initially as Primary and Special Needs Teacher.  I currently come into school as a volunteer, listening to children read on a weekly basis.  I have a vested interest in CAPS as my grandson is making his way, very happily, through the school 

Gemma Dolden

Co-opted Representatives



Personal Development & Behaviour Chair



Looked After Children

I have enjoyed being a governor at CAPS for four years and am currently chair of the Personal, Development, Behaviour and Welfare committee as well as being the governor with responsibility for Safeguarding, Children Looked After and Attendance monitoring. The role is incredibily rewarding as I am able to work closely with a fantastic team of other governors, as well as the dedicated staff team, in order to ensure that the children of CAPS enjoy coming to school and have access to opportunities and support to enable them to meet their full potential and become well rounded individuals.  

Meeting and hearing from the children themselves is a real highlight and as a governing body we are committed to listening and responding to the children of CAPS who are at the heart of our school community. 

I have a child who started F2 at CAPS in 2020 and another who will hopefully join the school in 2023. In my professional life I work as a Paediatrician with an interest in Safeguarding, including Children Looked After, and working with children with Neurodisability. I am used to working with a range of professionals in order to meet the needs of the child and I spend a considerable amount of time contributing to quality improvement and appraisal of evidence, which are skills transferrable to school governance. Being a school governor has also given me a unique perspective in my role within Community Paediatrics. 


Tom Leech

Co-opted Representatives



QTLA Chair, Personal Development & Behaviour


Pupil Premium


SDP: Curriculum

I became a governor in 2015 and have children in Year 4 and Year 1 at the school.  Looking back on my education I know I benefited from excellent state schools and fantastic teachers and hope I can help give something back, however small.  Throughout my professional life I've been passionate about education - I'm interested in a wide range of educational areas and I am used to work requiring strategy, accountability and the ability to both support and challenge the work of others. I hope I can use these skills to assist the governing body to help the school achieve its vision and strategic priorities. My work as a musician, running one of the largest choral programmes in the country (encompassing work as diverse as managing a substantial choral educational programme to broadcasting regularly on national radio and television), has education at its heart. As a governor I'm particularly interested in learning and the arts, and I chair the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment committee.yesyes

Sarah Perrigo

Co-Opted Representatives



Leadership & Management Chair

Teachers Pay




SDP: Curriculum

I have been a governor of the school for several years. I live in Chapel Allerton and both my daughter and granddaughter went to the school. At present I am the vice chair of governors and I chair the leadership and management committee. So I have a long history of involvement in the school. 
I have spent most of my working life in education; I was a university lecturer for 30 years, now retired and also, I was a Leeds City councillor and for some time was the chair of the education committee of Leeds City council. I am committed to the values of the school and its long tern success. 

Mohammed Rafique

Local Authority Representatives



Leadership & Management

Teachers Pay

I have several years experience as a Governor, being a parent and working in a school setting when I worked at Education Leeds.  I have experience of recruitment and selection, senior leadership and management and equalities.  Being a Councillor I have Chaired many different types of public meetings including community forums and planning panels.  In my previous employment as a School Mentoring Manager I was involved in working with senior managers and recruiting and training mentors.  yesyes

Eric Roussounis

Parent Representatives



Leadership & Management


SDP: Equality and Diversity

I have been a Parent Governor for a number of years now,  I  have one child at the school and am a member of the Leadership and Management Sub-Committee. 

I have a broad range of experience working within the NHS and local government, primarily within Technology roles  working closely with legal, procurement, and strategy colleagues. 

I hope to bring the experience I have gained from these roles to add value and help support the school whilst contributing to the successful delivery of our long-term plan 


Amy Sanderson

Co-opted Representatives



Personal Development & Behaviour

Leadership & Management


Health & Safety


SDP: Writing

I became a governor in 2021 and have two children at the school. I have lived in Chapel Allerton since 2004 and love that the school is such a part of the community here. I am a senior manager at Leeds Heritage Theatres and, now that both children are at school, wanted to give time to something outside of my work. I strongly believe that all children should have access to and be supported in learning and education and that their experiences in primary school can provide a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. Being a governor is new to me but the I am looking forward to really being part of the school for the 2021/22 year. yesyes

Sam Todd

Staff Governor Representative



QTLAI have been a teacher at Chapel Allerton Primary since 2010.  I currently teach in KS1 but have worked across most of school.  I love teaching at Chapel Allerton Primary because of the friendly team and fabulous children!  I have a daughter at high school and enjoy travelling. yesyes

Emma Wilson

Co-opted Representatives



Leadership & Management



SDP: More Able

I’ve been a Governor since February 2021, starting my journey with Chapel Allerton Primary School during the Covid-19 pandemic. Since restrictions have lifted it has been great to spend time in the school and meet pupils and teachers alike, and learn more about what life is really like a CAPS.  

Originally from Northern Ireland, I’ve now lived in Leeds for 8 years. I currently work as Head of Safer Gambling Operations for Sky Betting and Gaming, responsible for leading the teams who interact and protect our customers who are identified as at risk of gambling related harm. My previous professional roles have been in Human Resources, supporting business leaders to form their people strategies - from recruitment and budgeting, to staff engagement and team performance. As a governor I am particularly interested in the Leadership and Management sub-committee, where I feel I can bring my skills from the working world to my role as school governor. 

Having grown up with both of my parents as teachers, I’ve always felt close to education and valued the importance that the school environment plays in developing young people ready to succeed in the world we live in today. As I don’t working in education myself, being able to volunteer as a governor allows me to contribute to this extremely important sector, while also allowing me to feel connected with the local communities in Leeds. 



Nahima Hussain

Associate Governor18/05/2021

Personal Development, Behaviour and Wellbeing


SDP: Equality and Diversity

I have three children at Chapel Allerton Primary School. I volunteered to become a school governor at Chapel Allerton primary to help steer the school in the right direction and help retain its excellent reputation for academic success. 

I hope becoming a governor will give me the opportunity to support all the happy and friendly children at Chapel Allerton Primary and I hope to gain valuable skills and experience 


Nicholas Sykes

Head Teacher



Leadership & ManagementIt is my privilege to lead Chapel Allerton Primary School and I value the work of the Governing Body in determing our strategic direction and for providing ideas, enthusiasm and the challenge required to make our school the best it can be. I joined as Headteacher in 2005 and shortly after moved my own children here to embrace the diversity and creativity upon which this community thrives. Recently, after consultation with pupils and parents, we devised our ambitions for the next 4 years and I look forward to overseeing improvements which will make our curriculum, inclusion, outdoor learning and all round teaching the benchmark to which other schools aspire.yesyes


Structure and Remit of the Governing Body


What do Governors do?

The role of a School Governor is to contribute to the work of the Governing Body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children in the school by:

• setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction

• holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils

• overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure money is well spent.


What are Governors responsible for?

• developing the strategic plan for the school

• determining aims, policies and priorities of the school

• setting statutory and non statutory targets

• monitoring and evaluating the work of the school

• appointment of staff and ensuring the implementation of a range of personnel procedures

• management of the budget

• ensuring high levels of attendance and good standards of pupil behaviour

• ensuring that all children in the school have access to a broad and balanced curriculum; which is suitable for age, aptitude and ability, and prepares them for adult life

• ensuring the wellbeing, health and safety of pupils and staff.


Structure and Remit of the Committees

  • Full Governing Board - Chair Bobbie Gresser 

    Responsible for the strategic oversight of the school meets twice a term and receives reports from the Headteacher and each of the sub committees.
  • Leadership and Management Sub Committee - Chair Sarah Perrigo

Responsible for staffing including the appointment and role of the SENCO, equality and diversity, finance, property management, health and safety and nutritional standards.

  • Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sub Committee - Chair Tom Leech

Responsible for teaching and learning matters including target setting, standards and achievement, special education needs and disability (SEND), including reporting annually on the success of the SEND policy, monitoring teaching and learning and curriculum provision and ensuring that the governing body is represented at school improvement discussions.

  • Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare Sub Committee - Chair Gemma Dolden

Responsible for behaviour, safeguarding, attendance, children’s spiritual moral social and cultural development, children, parent and staff voice, extra-curricular activities, cluster and other partnerships.


Governors Code of Conduct

A Governor should:

• support the aims and objectives of the school in the wider community;

• work co-operatively with other Governors in the best interests of the school;

• attend the meetings of the Governing Body and its committees;

• promote the interests of the school in the wider community;

• have an equal right to participate and to state their views whilst respecting the views of others;

• be loyal to the decisions made by the Governing Body;

• respect the confidentiality of those items of business that have been designated as confidential and do not disclose what individuals have said or how they have voted;

• withdraw from meetings where they have any direct personal interest in the business being discussed;

• have regard to the broader responsibilities as a Governor of a public institution in regard to promoting public accountability for the actions and performance of the governing Body;

• acknowledge that you are part of a corporate entity and you have no right to take actions or express views, as being that of the Governing Body, unless authorised to do so;

• participate in training.

Governor Attendance Summary 2020/21


Number of Meetings Attended

Total Number of Meetings

% overall attendance

S Perrigo



N Sykes


B Gresser


S Todd


M Dailey


G Dolden


M Rafique


K Pearson




G Dawson


T Leech


A Sanderson

E Wilson



E Roussounis


‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’