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Visions and Values

The Magnificent 7 Ambitions

During the Summer term in 2021 and  following extensive feedback from children, parents, staff and governors we devised a new long term development plan to take us from 2021 – 2025. We are very excited by the potential this plan has to make the primary experience exceptional for your children.


The long term plans have been summarized as the following ambitions:

Equality and Diversity

Ambition: Children embrace equality and diversity, believe anything is possible and have the skills, self-belief and drive to combat societal attitudes, barriers and challenges.


Ambition: Children absorb and are inspired by a wide range of high quality arts opportunities to dream, imagine, experiment, and create.

Outdoor Learning and Play

Ambition: Children enjoy abundant opportunities for Learning and Play throughout the school grounds and local environment, have a keen sense of their role as a global citizen and embrace their responsibility for protecting and preserving the natural world.


Ambition: Children with SEND make excellent personal progress and their needs are met by a staff team of skilled, knowledgeable and confident practitioners.

More Able

Ambition: Children’s learning potential is uncapped, those with particular strengths are always challenged and they have the desire to stretch themselves.


Ambition: Children progressively build their writing skills and confidence to become creative and imaginative writers with a firm grasp of grammar, spelling patterns and a broad vocabulary which they deploy with purpose.

Teaching, Learning and Behaviour

Ambition: Children’s learning journey through school is highly structured and facilitated by seamless, proven, impactful delivery of Restorative Practice, Growth Mindset and carefully selected teaching techniques delivered by a unified, professional teaching team of inspiring practitioners.

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’