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Chapel Allerton Primary has been awarded MindMate Friendly Status and PSHE Friendly Status! To see our glowing report click Key Information, Curriculum and either MindMate or PSHE.

Early Years Foundation Stage





A child’s learning journey at Chapel Allerton Primary School starts in the Early Years Foundation Stage - in EYFS we build the solid foundations of learning. We pride ourselves in providing an excellent education in Foundation 1(Nursery)  and Foundation 2 (Reception) and we always like to welcome new children and families to our school. 


If you choose Chapel Allerton Primary School and are offered a place, we ensure that our welcome process is thorough. We like to visit families at home and we invite you to come to stay and play to help you settle in. We believe that if we work together then a child’s experience of starting school can be extremely positive and happy. We work hard to ensure that this good relationship extends all the way through school with our open door policy.


Our children always make an excellent start to their school journey because our highly trained staff quickly get to know your child. We build strong relationships and ensure that your child feels safe and secure so they can thrive at Chapel Allerton Primary. We have the same high expectations of every child who walks through the door and that is to achieve their very best whilst at our school. We recognise that every child develops at different rates and is unique. Our classrooms (indoors and outdoors) are exciting and purposeful; a place where children enjoy spending time and where they can grow, develop and excel. 


We use 'Development Matters' to support our planning and we build upon learning term by term. This allows every pupil to make good personal progress towards the Early Learning Goals throughout the year and are fully prepared to continue their journey in Year 1 (KS1). 

Our EYFS Curriculum Goals

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’