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Chapel Allerton Primary has been awarded MindMate Friendly Status and PSHE Friendly Status! To see our glowing report click Key Information, Curriculum and either MindMate or PSHE.

Mary Dailey

I became a Governor in October 2017 and have been a member of the Pupil Development, Behaviour and Welfare Sub- Committee and am currently serving on the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Sub -Committee. 
I am retired, but spent my working life in education, as a teacher of Adults with Learning Difficulties, a college lecturer and finally as a manager of Counselling Services in Further and Higher Education institutions. 
I have always been interested in the education of young children and trained initially as Primary and Special Needs Teacher.  I currently come into school as a volunteer, listening to children read on a weekly basis.  I have a vested interest in CAPS as my grandson is making his way, very happily, through the school 

Serving Term:

28/09/2017 - 17/09/2025


Committees and Areas of Responsibility:



Training, Equalities



SDP: Outdoor Learning


Code of Conduct form complete:

Business Interest declaration completed:

‘Nurturing a lifelong love of learning’